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Hi, Thanx for your interest in my Ad! WANT TO PLAY GUITAR/BASS/SING? My name's Dave, & I Teach from my Home Studio; Dedicated Students who REALLY want to PLAY/SING WELL. Lessons are scheduled weekly, one-to-one, most weekday afts/eves. Rates are $50/Hr. Each Session PERSONALIZED to help you play all those wonderful sounds in your head! Everyone learns along their own Pathway & I feel it's a Teacher's Responsibility to find the Path best suited to each Student so Progress Happens EASILY & QUICKLY! Over 20+ years I've developed a Successful Method of Teaching: FRETBOARD MAGIK© will enable anyone willing to study 1 hr/day to Play/Sing almost IMMEDIATELY the songs & sounds they want. My Method provides Maximum Speed Learning (no Music note-reading required) for a great return on your Investment: A Lifetime of Making Music! FRETBOARD MAGIK© works with ALL Modern Styles for Acou/Elec Guitars and Elec Bass. PATIENT Vocal Coach. Learn to Play/Sing at the Same Time! E-mail/CALL NOW for Details.

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Email : fretboardmagik@yahoo.com
Phone : 604-734-3040
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Kitsilano/West Side: Easy Bus Access/Free Parking!
NEAR West 16th Ave. @ MacDonald St.
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